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Blephadex EyeLid Foam Cleanser


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Calling all environmentally conscious dry eye sufferers: Blephadex was made for you.  Blephadex Cleansing Foam provides the same powerful treatment as our eyelid wipes, but in an easy-to-use dispenser. you don't need to use disposable eye-lid wipes, so you can feel good about not sending garbage to the landfill.


Natural ingredients like coconut and tea tree sooth and heal your eyelid


Blephadex's gentle cleansing foam uses our patented blend of essential tea tree and virgin coconut oils to instantly relieve your eye discomfort.


Rejuvenate every morning with a soft, comforting foam


Place Blephadex on your counter and start every day with a soft, comforting foam that gently cleans and protects your eyes. No stinging or discomfort, only the pampering healing that your eyes need.