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How to stop your glasses from fogging while wearing a COVID mask

Face masks fog up eyeglasses during COVID-19

Many of us area wearing face masks to help slow the spread of COVID-19. In Vancouver, masks are mandatory at a number of major retail outlets and on public transit. 

A major problem with masks if you wear glasses is that eye glass lenses tend to fog while wearing a mask.

Fog Stopper is effective fog prevention

Fog Stopper is an effective anti-fog drop that you spread on your lenses that effectively prevents fog. Simply use one or two drops on each side of each lens. Spread the liquid around with your cleaning cloth and lightly buff away any residue after the drops dry. Before you apply Fog Stopper, ensure that  you clean your glasses with an eye glass lens cleaner. The fog resistant effect will last about a week or until you clean your glasses gain. 

Why we like Fog Stopper

We tested Fog Stopper in our Vancouver clinic with great results. Our staff and their friends and relatives all used it and loved it before we brought it into our clinic. Since we have offered it to patients, feedback has been excellent.